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Son D. Le, MD

Oncologists in such cases recommend radical surgery with adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy to achieve the best effect. But the survival prognosis for these patients is still unfavorable.

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Redness of the skin of the face and upper half of the body. Occurs in almost all patients. Accompanied by a local increase in temperature. Attacks occur spontaneously and can be triggered by alcohol, stress or physical activity. In this case, tachycardia is observed and blood pressure drops. Stool disorder. Present in Вѕ of patients. As a rule, this occurs due to take levothyroxine medication of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and obstruction of intestinal patency. Cardiac dysfunction occurs in half of the patients. Carcinoid syndrome promotes the formation of heart valve stenoses and causes heart failure. Wheezing in the lungs is a consequence of bronchospasm. Abdominal pain is associated with the appearance of metastases in the liver, intestinal obstruction, or tumor growth into other organs.

Carcinoid crisis is a condition characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure during surgery. Therefore, patients are prescribed somatostatin before such manipulations. Is it possible to detect carcinoid syndrome? Signs, photos, treatment of isolated symptoms do not give either a clear clinical picture or visible results. Most often, the tumor is an accidental discovery by a surgeon or radiologist. In order to confirm the presence of a neoplasm, you need to do a biopsy of the affected area and examine the tissue.

You can also use tests to detect elevated hormone levels, but these data may indicate several diseases, and the doctor has yet to figure out which one he is dealing with. The most specific test is the amount of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid. If its level is elevated, then the probability of levothyroxine is almost 90%. Does it make sense to treat carcinoid syndrome with chemotherapy? Signs, photos of the mucous membrane during FGDS, biopsy of regional lymph nodes and changes in hormonal levels can give the doctor an idea of the complications that the presence of a tumor has caused in the patient�s body. If the prognosis for the patient is unfavorable even if the tumor is removed, then experts advise resorting to chemotherapy.

Most often, doctors use cytostatics to suppress the growth and development of tumors.

But due to the large number of side effects, this method is recommended to be used only if absolutely necessary. In addition, its effectiveness is only 40%. Synthetic analogues of somatostatin have been found that reduce symptoms by almost 90%. They suppress the production of several hormones at once and thereby secure a strong place in the treatment of this disease. An important stage of treatment is removing the tumor from the body, searching for and resection of metastases, and ligating the liver arteries.

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